Digital scrapbooks are all about effects. You would like yourself and any viewers to anticipate anything great once you deliver your custom digital scrapbooks. They need to have the theme and energy of the report through your covers alone.

Looking through numerous types of digital scrapbooks layouts nowadays, I’ve seen countless awesome scrapbook layouts and covers that properly achieve this – sometimes through very simple methods. To motivate you in creating your own impressive digital scrapbooks I have listed them down available below for guide.

letterform sample

Outlines and text art designs: One great thing I have in my experience is the classic method for creating scrapbooks. A lot of times, simple art, doodles, and eye catching graphics had to be accomplished slowly by hand / pen, stickers, or markers. This was time consuming, potentially messy and prone to mistakes.

You will find the however, the ease at the number of design elements you can now place in digital scrapbooks in unique fonts, colors and layouts. We have seen that mimic sparkles, others that have gradient colors or embossed or mimic a 3D effect.

When utilized successfully these simple design techniques can provide a digital scrapbooks a good, elegant even magical aura that will always impress you and potential readers of your scrapbook. Many of these features can also be standard in many graphic design programs, making them very cost effect to their manual scrapbook counterpart where pens and markers can become costly.

Minimalist and “maximalist” designs.  Another awesome digital scrapbooks strategy I have seen could be the minimalist/maximalist contrast design. They’re style which use clustered and typically textured styles in their layout that are highly contrasted with easy minimalist block elements.

minimalist digital scrapbook design

Imagine a clear empty page, after which in one single spot or area you see a tremendously detailed or textured design element. If done precisely the contrasting elements provide a wonderful entire design that looks extremely professional even business you might say but nevertheless has actually those everyday elements which make it look fresh and brand new.

All in one digital scrapbooks kit: In addition, one digital scrapbooks design that made me get the “wow” factor were those all-in-one presentation kits. Imagine a Swiss army knife with various tools slid into a nice orderly tool for you to use.

Some exquisitely created digital scrapbooks available can integrate photos, video stills, banners, and design elements that all can be easily exported to whatever format you prefer – CD, DVD, MPG, other video file or even YouTube / Vimeo! A lot of digital scrapbook software have extensive libraries that feature a lot of different designs, layouts and tools that can help you in creating your scrapbook easily, instead of trying to create each design element from scratch.

This truly helps you create a scrapbook faster, and much more easily than ever before.

Interactive digital scrapbooks are relatively new, and I am still playing around with how to effectively implement them. Some innovative individuals have figured out an approach to add interactive elements with their digital scrapbooks which can create a call to action, or direct certain individuals to specific areas of your digital scrapbooks. For example, perhaps you are sharing a digital scrapbooks from the holidays; a photo of your family can be clicked on to take you pages that have family photos in them, whereas another “table of content” photo can be of friends that go to another area of your scrapbook.

It doesn’t just have to be clickable photos that can be used as a table of contents / interactive button. Anything like a calendar, pictures, art/doodle can all be made interactive. Perhaps a small video can load showing clips from certain events as well!

Finally, unusual colors. Since it’s relatively easy to swap out elements and themes of a digital scrapbooks, I strongly recommend playing with unusual or bold colors that you normally don’t use.

By using uncommon colors, people can be drawn to certain areas, or specific elements in your digital scrapbook. It can also be used to highlight or contrast messages, texts or photos being shown.

I hope you have found this helpful! Ideally these could inspire and motivate you to enhance your custom digital scrapbooks in special way and get you motivated to keep working on your book!